Executive Assessment and Performacne Management

HRA Mission & Vision

HRA Mission

Our mission is to align human resources and key business goals to optimize talent and performance.

HRA Vision

Partner with organizations to provide industry-leading services and cutting-edge solutions in the following areas:

  • Deep-level talent assessments
  • Coaching and facilitating self-discovery for high impact and sustained leadership development
  • Architecting highly innovative, yet deeply practical HR processes
  • Rigorous, sophisticated analytics assessing fit between HR capabilities and key organization objectives 

HRA Values:  Our Unyielding Commitments

We hold our values at the foundation and core of everything we do.  Our core values include:

  • Integrity. We are committed to open communication, respect for everyone with whom we work and fully delivering on our promise in each and every engagement.

  • Excellence.   We have a fixed focus to assure a gold standard in everything from overall work products to the slightest nuance of everything we do.
  • Customer Focused Partnership.   We work closely with our clients as partners and take on their goals as our own.  Our focus is always on both the organizations and people within them.

  • Strategic Alignment.  Our belief is that organizations and employees fundamentally exist within a holistic and symbiotic "eco-system" that needs to be aligned to be effective.  Our overarching objective is to achieve alignment and balance for organizations and employees.

  • Practical Innovation.   We consistently seek to think out of the box, push the envelope, and architect state-of-the-art solutions wherever possible, but in a deeply practical manner.

  • Rigor and Depth.   Using advanced approaches and practices we go deep below the surface for thoughtful, comprehensive and sophisticated solutions.

  • Value.  We are committed to assuring that our clients receive value considerably greater than the cost of our services.

HRA Mission
Collaboration and Creativity Corner

HRA experts are deeply committed to strong thought and solution partnerships aimed at deep, practical innovation.  For more information and open dialogue submit your questions/comments/thoughts below, phone 847.266.1100 or email your questions.




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