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In conjunction with competency modeling efforts, companies often seek leadership development guides that employees can use as references and tools for building their skills. While there are a few off-the-shelf leadership development guidebooks that are commonly used, limitations off discussed are that they do not link to the actual competency models and resources that are not linked with those of an organizations.

HRA is prepared to work with clients to build user-friendly, fully up-to-date leader development guidebooks customized to organization-specific competency models. Guidebooks may include: on-the-job development experiences, general development tips, readings, resources, etc. All these elements may be tailored to the objectives, resources and competency models within the particular organization.

If competency models need to be defined or updated, HRA is also available to build competency models that are: focused on the most critical employee capabilities, comprehensive, efficient and, are particularly meaningful to stakeholders and end-users.

Leader Development
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