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HR Alignment Model

Core Principle:  Human Resource Alignment

The core HRA principle is that Organizational Effectiveness begins with the alignment of an organization's workforce and human resource capabilities with Business Objectives.  This includes aligning all aspects related to employee talent and performance. Organizations simply can not be effective without this alignment.  An organization's ultimate success is a direct function of HR Alignment. The primary HRA objective is an integrated set of applications and practices all focused on workforce and human resrouce alignment. HRA partners closely with organizations to: 1) assess HR alignment, 2) architect aligned HR processes, and 3) build HR Alignment.

We are industrial psychologists and leading specialists in HR Alignment. While we are sub-specialists in performance, talent and other areas, we firmly believe that the starting point should be holistic clarifation of the full HR ecosystem before arriving at a more specific, isolated solution such as employee selection, training, etc. Consequently, the first step we take is to assess alignment within the full system of worforce capabilities before assuming a particular intervention.

The HRA approach and deliverables for assessing HR alignment with business needs are completely different than any others on the market in terms of the comprehensive approach, depth and accuracy provided. HRA conducts rigorous HR alignment diagnostics of all aspects of workforce capability. Our HR Alignment assessments are of particular value for clearly identifying worforce strengths, gaps and prioritization levels to support the following:

1) Assessment, prioritization and planning by new HR and/or business Leaders

2) Optimally aligning employee capabilities with business needs

3) Change management

4) Mergers and acquisitions

5) Organizational restructuring

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HR Alignment Models

HRA customizes HR Alignment models for different organizations and goals.  One of our more basic models is provided below.  Our more extensive, proprietary model consists of approximately 18 factors and over 180 facets.  Factors consist of 10 drivers of HR alignment and 5 performance enablers -- each of which is cross referenced to individual Areas of Alignment (AOAs).  This hierarchical model is used as a basis for the HRA Talent and Performance Alignment Software and Process to assess HR alignment, localize and determine criticality of areas of misalignment and identify improvement opportunities. 

The central component in the basic HR Alignment Model consists of Key Business Objectives.   Organizations and jobs are aligned to most effectively execute clear roles and cross functional synergies to accomplish business objectives.  Talent is aligned with key position requirements to assure that the performance of each function is fully powered and optimized.    Human resource processes are aligned and fine tuned to assure that talent is effectively placed, motivated, highly capable and retained.  Culture is aligned to assure that the  right behaviors are expected, encouraged and reinforced.  At the end of the day, the alignment of human resources and organizations is the starting point for success.

Core components of our basic HR Alignment Model are illustrated as follows:



Organization and Jobs

  • Job Analysis and Design
  • Individual Roles and Responsibilities
  • Job and Competency Requirements
  • Organization Structure and Units
  • Team Synergies
  • Cross-functional Synergies
  • Core Abilities
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Values and Belief Systems
  • Financial Growth
  • New Business Models & Strategy
  • M&A
  • Market/Product Expansion
  • Organizational Change/Design
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Legal/Legislative Requirements
  • Shifts in technology
  • R&D

Human Resource Processes

  • Recruiting & Staffing
  • Employee Development
  • Performance Metrics & Evaluation
  • Compensation, Benefits & Rewards
  • Talent & Performance Management
  • Leadership & Succession Planning

Organization Culture

  • Norms
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Language & Symbols
  • Expectations & Accountabilities
  • Recognition


HR Alignment Process

HRA focuses on on aligning Human Resource Processes, Talent, Jobs, Culture and Key Business Objectives. To do this we: 1) assess alignment, 2) architect aligned HR processes, and/or 3) work closely with organizations to build alignment.  HR alignment factors include the following:

Assessing HR Alignment Architecting HR Process Alignment Building HR Alignment
  • Individual results w/ business goals
  • Talent levels w/ business objectives
  • Individual w/ career goals
  • Team and unit w/ business objectives
  • Culture w/ business objectives
  • Process w/ business objectives<
  • Talent Management

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Selection and Placement

  • Succession Planning

  • Rewards and Recognition

  • Assuring person-job fit

  • Optimizing human performance

  • Assuring bench strength

  • Intentional culture shaping

  • Organization and Job Design

HR Alignment Focal Points

HRA focal points for human resource alignment vary in accordance with the needs of each organization.   Specific questions are mapped to the direct needs of an organization at any given point in time.   We believe that human resource alignment assessments are only as good as the questions asked and the quality of the information gathered.    Broad-based questions include the following:

  • What are the key business objectives most impacted by human resource effectiveness?
  • To what extent are the organization structure and job responsibilities aligned with key business objectives?
  • To what extent are employee (and new hire) knowledge, skills, abilities and other traits aligned with position requirements?
  • To what extent are human resource processes aligned with talent and performance objectives?
  • To what extent is culture aligned with performance expectations?
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