Executive Assessment and Performacne Management

Stephen D. Steinhaus, PhD

Dr. Steinhaus has held a variety of positions as an industrial psychologist in business for approximately 25 years.  He has held key positions as Corporate Industrial Psychologist for Ameritech and as Managing Director for Saville & Holdsworth.    As a consultant, Dr. Steinhaus has worked in many different business environments reflecting different industries and size businesses.  A sample of clients he has worked with include: Ameritech, U.S. West, McDonalds, Microsoft, 3M, Target, Truworths, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Borg Warner, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsico, S.C. Johnson & Son, BP, Ascension Health, Baxter, W. W. Grainger, Hyatt International, Classic Residences, U.S. Department of Defense, Career Education Corporation and Chicago Public Schools.   He has also worked with numerous mid-size companies.

In the area of executive coaching, Dr. Steinhaus has worked with high potential leaders who have development needs and/or are being groomed for advancement.   Key characteristics of his coaching are as follows: 1) optimizing both professional development and business impacts; 2) building innovative, strategic and highly practical visions to drive transformational change; 3) maintaining the delicate balance between straightforward feedback as needed and ample support; 4) focus on both insightful understanding and concrete behavioral change; and 5) a facilitated, collaborative process of “self-discovery.” His 3D Coaching approach is particularly effective for fostering self awareness, meaningful insight, ownership, integration and intentionality.

In the area of executive assessment, Dr. Steinhaus uses a very strategic approach to assure a good match with position requirements.   His executive assessments are among the most in-depth in the industry.   This is based upon his belief that leadership employment decisions truly warrant extensive data collection and analysis.  As such, he collects and systematically triangulates information from numerous divergent sources.  His reports and follow-up are so thorough, they are not only used for selection decisions but also further leveraged for professional development and on-boarding.

Dr. Steinhaus has worked with corporations to develop a variety of HR processes and systems – most having assessment and coaching components.  He has developed processes and systems for employment, promotion, performance management, succession planning and workforce management.   As a process architect, he builds cutting edge, state-of-the-art solutions that are intensely practical. 

In purely analytic engagements, he works in areas such as job and organizational analysis, competency modeling, culture audits and cost-benefit analyses. Regardless of the engagement, his analyses are highly sophisticated, rigorous and holistic.     

Dr. Steinhaus holds several professional degrees, including a doctorate in industrial psychology and a masters degree in psychology.  He has published and presented on a variety of topics related to human resource management and industrial psychology.  He is a member of the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Association. 

Dr. Steinhaus has long been deeply committed to optimizing human resources and is passionate about the following:

  • Alignment of human resources with key business goals
  • Insights and solutions for both organizations and individuals that go deep below the surface

  • Driving HR solutions that are strategic, state of the art, but extremely practical
  • Clarity of a unique focus in each new engagement and total quality
  • Commitment to customer-defined requirements and close client partnerships

His personal interests are broad and partially include world travel with his family, holistic fitness, innovation, architecture, photography, technology, financial dynamics, organizational systems, global responsibility and natural and interpersonal connectedness.

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