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Executive Assessment

While HRA offers some of the most in-depth assessments in the industry, a number of our clients have requested a process that was just as rigorous, but streamlined in terms of time and cost. To respond to this concern we developed a streamlined executive assessment process.

In the streamlined process, we conduct the first component of the executive assessment process in much the same way we would in our in-depth, premium assessment. So participants take similar on-line assessment tools. HRA then analyzes the results as we would in any other executive assessment we perform. However, we then hand off the findings in a comprehensive screening support tool to our client to conduct the interview. The screening support tool contains the following:

  • Integrated summary of participant signature strengths.
  • Integrated summary of potential hiring/placement risks and development opportunities Development difficulty and labor market availability for each of the potential weaknesses.
  • Candidate response styles in terms of consistently and criticality.
  • Customized questions to deal with candidate‚Äôs track record reported in their resume.
  • Areas to follow up in reference checking.

To accomplish this we use rigorous, state-of-the-art assessment tools. Unlike other executive assessments where an external party conducts an interview, managers are empowered to interview and follow up the assessment with the goals of gaining greater efficiencies and leveraging their internal frame of reference and expertise to further drill down and assess applicant qualifications. In essence, hiring managers are provided with many of the same questions that an industrial psychologist or executive assessment professional would ask.

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Executive Assessment by HRA

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